Town Planning is becoming an increasingly complex process and householders, developers, objectors and even other professionals often need the advice and support of an organisation that knows its way around the complexities of the planning system and local government.

Stijl offers advice to anyone planning a development from the earliest stages.  When purchasing or leasing a property a thorough survey of the planning constraints on that property can save a lot of problems and expense in the future. Unwitting purchasers can lose a great deal of money if a property is bought in the hope of developing the site or changing its use – only to find out at a later date that the local planning policies prohibit this.

Stijl equally represents neighbours and other interested parties when they want to object to a proposed development.  A well-written objection taking into account all the relevant planning considerations can make all the difference when objecting to an application.  Our experience of the planning process enables us to help objectors to get their points across in the most effective way.