Stijl Town Planning is a small, successful Town Planning consultancy based in Croydon, Surrey. From its town centre offices Stijl takes on work for clients from all parts of England. Now in its fifth year of operation, Stijl undertakes projects for its clients who vary from householders to retailers, office premises and health care providers. Stijl is a practice that has a reputation for delivering successful planning applications along with our partner architects. Our Principal, Nuala O’Neill, LLB (Hons), LLM spent 16 years as a borough councillor with seven years spent chairing the planning committee of a large London Borough. Nuala’s experience in local government, her legal expertise, political knowledge and her negotiating abilities make her a formidable advocate on behalf of her clients.

A word from a former colleague, Adrian Dennis MRTPI, former Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, London Borough of Croydon:

I have known and worked closely with Nuala O’Neill for far more years that I care to admit, and have been a professional town planner in London Authorities for even longer. I have never met anyone with more enthusiasm and zeal for planning and, even more so, getting the right planning decision.

When Nuala became the Chair of the busy Development Control Committee at Croydon in 1994, as one of her Committee members I was able to contribute my planning experience to the debates. Very quickly we realised that our Chairwoman had a total grasp of all the relevant planning issues and the correct procedures. By the end of her reign as our Committee Chair (in 2005) no officer, committee member, developer or member of the public was in any doubt about her knowledge and expertise in all aspects of planning and the decision making procedures.

Now that she has be converted ‘to the dark side’ (as a planning consultant), she has been able to draw upon her formidable expertise and knowledge of planning, and all local government decision making and procedures, to ensure the best possible results for her clients in planning applications, enforcement issues and appeals.  

Adrian Dennis